Mapsly is a standalone software platform that exchanges data with your Google Sheets account through its API.

In order to be able to connect to Mapsly, you need to create an account on Mapsly first. If you haven't done so already, create your Mapsly account by following this sign-up wizard, and then add your IT system as a data source as described below.

Prepare your Google Spreadsheet for import

In order to import your data to Mapsly you need to make sure your spreadsheet follows these requirements:

  • Have a column A with non-empty unique values (to serve as ID for your records on Mapsly). If you don't meet this requirement you will not be able to edit records on Google Sheets from Mapsly interface.

  • Have non-empty unique column names

  • Optionally, you can add types and API names for columns which will help you to use layers/filters and table filters. You can read more about in Step 2 of this article.

Adding data source

To add Google Sheets as a data source to your Mapsly account, go to Setup in the main menu, click this + button:

and select Google Sheets from the list of connectors:

Connection settings

To connect to Google Sheets you need to insert the Spreedsheet id in the form:

You can find it by copying the part of your spreadsheet URL (after d/ and before /edit), look for screenshot below as an example:

After that click on "Connect to Source" button. You will be asked to provide access to Mapsly. Click on "Allow" button.

How to map Address and Name fields

After you select objects to import, you will need to select their Address and Name fields. It is mandatory to select the Name field, while Address field is required if you want to see records on the map.

Limit of sheets

The maximum number of sheets that can be imported from your Google Sheets document to Mapsly is 100. Only the first 100 sheets based on their position in the document will be imported.

Deleting records

The right way to delete records that have been already imported to Mapsly from Google spreadsheets is to use special formula - "is_deleted".
So you should go to connected Google spreadsheets:
1. Add new column "is_deleted" by name at the end of the sheet
2. Put "1" in cells for the records you wish to remove in the column "is_deleted"

3. Refresh data source in Mapsly/wait until it's synced automatically

More useful articles

If you'd like to see on the map only standard objects like contacts, the wizard's instructions are self-explanatory. In more complex scenarios when you'd like to see other objects in Mapsly as well or use coordinates instead of an object's address, please refer to these articles:

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