Use Mapsly API to sync your data from an external IT system with Mapsly in real time. Changes pushed through the API are immediately reflected on the map and in the Table view. Following these steps to get started:

Step 1: Configure your data source in Mapsly and import your initial data set

In Mapsly, your records are stored in objects of a data source, and in your API calls you'll be referring to API names of your objects and API names of fields in those objects. Follow this guide to configure your data source in Mapsly using Mapsly's Google Sheets connector and import your initial data set.

Once your data source is configured and the initial data set is loaded, disable data sync with this Google spreadsheet by turning this switch to OFF:

Step 2: Generate API key

Generate an API key to your newly created data source by following this guide.

Step 3. Call Mapsly API to create, update and remove records in Mapsly

Follow the Mapsly API Developer Guide to implement calls to the API.

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