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Managing users in Mapsly without "Single Sign-On"
Managing users in Mapsly without "Single Sign-On"

Learn how to add or remove users who are not registered in your CRM, or when your CRM doesn't support "Single Sign-On" with Mapsly

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Adding a Mapsly user

To add a user in Mapsly, go to Setup in the main menu, click on the the "Users" tab and click the + button to the right of the Users header:

Enabling ownership-based access control for the new user

In the user's Personal preferences you may enter the CRM user ID's for all your data sources, which will then be used to determine record ownership. If the CRM user ID is empty for a data source, Mapsly will assume that the user doesn't own any records in the this data source. Learn more about configuring role-based access control in Mapsly here.

Removing a user from a Mapsly account

To remove a user, go to Setup in the main menu and select Delete in the user's context menu:

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