Installation of the Mapsly extension for Salesforce from AppExchange is not required is an optional step that will embed Mapsly into your Salesforce Lightning experience by creating a Mapsly tab that can be added to your Sales lightning app or be used in a standalone Mapsly lightning app inside your Salesforce org.

1. Install Mapsly extension for Salesforce from AppExchange

Install the Mapsly extension from AppExchange by following this link.

2. Open Mapsly lightning app, or add Mapsly tab to Sales app

Mapsly extension comes with a Mapsly tab that can be added to your Sales lighning app by following this guide, and a preconfigured Mapsly lightning app with the Mapsly tab already added to it. You can use either option to open Mapsly.

To open the Mapsly lightning app, in the app launcher type Mapsly and select the Mapsly app:

Note. No matter whether you installed Mapsly extension or not, you can still log into Mapsly by going to, clicking the Salesforce logo and entering your Salesforce credentials in the Salesforce login pop-up that will open:

3. Allow Mapsly popup, if it's blocked

(This screenshot shows Mapsly tab added to the Sales app.)

When you open the Mapsly tab, a Salesforce login popup window will automatically open to log you into your Mapsly account. Normally, the pop-up will close automatically, if you're already logged in Salesforce.

IMPORTANT! When you (and each of your Mapsly users) open the Mapsly tab for the first time, your browser most likely will block the login pop-up, in which case you'll see a brief red error message that will disappear, and an instruction to

  • click the blocked popup button in the browser address bar (in different browsers this button might look slightly different):

  • select the "Always allow" option to allow Mapsly to open the login popup:

  • and then re-open the Mapsly tab (or refresh the browser tab).

Then you'll be automatically logged into your Mapsly account.

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