Truck routing

Build optimized truck routes using one of the truck travel modes and a variety of truck parameters

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Use Truck: fastest or Truck: balanced travel modes to build routes suitable for trucks. Route optimization - automatic waypoint sequencing to minimize drive time - is also available for trucks:

After selecting a truck travel mode, click the Params button to enter the truck parameters:

Truck parameters include physical properties of the truck and its trailers, tunnel category, the type of hazardous materials being transported and enumeration of types of roads that need to be deprioritized or completely avoided.

Truck parameters can be saved into a truck profile and be loaded later. You may have as many truck profiles as you need.

IMPORTANT! If part of the route is not suitable for your truck, the route would still be built, but with a warning above the waypoint list, and the route segments that are not suitable for your truck will be marked red:

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