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[Zendesk Sell] Mapsly setup guide

Follow this guide to set up your Mapsly account with Zendesk Sell

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Mapsly is a standalone software platform that exchanges data with your Zendesk Sell account through its API.

IMPORTANT! While Mapsly does work with Zendesk's Sell Team plan, there are a few limitations due to the absence of Firehose API, which comes only with the Sell Growth plan or higher. So we recommend upgrading to Sell Growth to enable this API. For details β€” see the section Limitations on Sell Team plan below.

Create your Mapsly trial

1. Install Mapsly extension

Open Mapsly extension page and click on the Install button:

Select the account where you need to install Mapsly:

2. Open Mapsly

There are two ways to open and then use Mapsly:

  1. In the Mapsly tab inside Zendesk Sell. If you prefer this way, simply click on the Mapsly icon at the top bar:

  2. Or in a separate tab at If you prefer this way, at click the Zendesk logo and - if prompted - sign in with your Zendesk credentials on the Zendesk pop-up login page.

3. Follow the Mapsly account sign-up wizard

Click Create new Mapsly account:

and follow the sign-up wizard instructions.

Limitations on the Sell Team Plan

When you remove records in your Zendesk Sell, Mapsly uses Zendesk Sell's Firehose API to get notified of these events β€” to reflect these updates in Mapsly quickly. Also, all events related to appointments, like their creation, updates, or removal, are passed exclusively through the Firehose API.

The Firehose API comes only on the Sell Growth plan and is unavailable on the Sell Team. So when on Sell Team, Mapsly has to occasionally reimport all Zendesk data to detect which records were removed in Zendesk. The frequency of such reimports is determined based on the number of records in your Zendesk, so you may expect a several-hour delay in the sync or removed records, or even days for accounts with tens of thousands of records. Also, On Sell Team Mapsly cannot sync calendar events from your Zendesk.

You may avoid these limitations by upgrading to Sell Growth. Once you upgrade, Mapsly will automatically start using the Firehose API and the sync of removed records and calendar events will become part of the regular sync that by default happens every 30 minutes, with the option to increase it to every 10 minutes.

Adding more users to Mapsly

New Zendesk users are added to your Mapsly account with restricted access automatically when they open the Mapsly tab or log into Mapsly with their Zendesk credentials at; you don't need to manually add them. Learn more about users and Single Sign-On here.

Implementation is included in your Mapsly subscription!

Your Mapsly subscription comes with implementation services, so we're inviting you to book a web call with our engineer today - to learn more about your use scenario and help you integrate Mapsly with your system. You may also ask us for help in chat any time 24/7.

More useful articles

If you'd like to see on the map only standard objects like contacts, the wizard's instructions are self-explanatory. In more complex scenarios when you'd like to see other objects in Mapsly as well or use coordinates instead of an object's address, please refer to these articles:

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