Apart from drawing your territory on the map, you may also define a territory's geography by selecting existing administrative areas like states, provinces, counties and postal codes from the geo-library:

1- After clicking Add territory in the Territories panel, in the Territory properties pop-up select From geo-library

2- Upon clicking Save, select the desired area level in the geo-selector:

3- Then select the areas to be combined into the territory. To do it you can use either the "Hand" tool or the "Lasso" tool:

  • when the "Hand" tool is active, clicking an areas toggles the area (inlcudes into or excludes from the territory);

  • when the "Lasso" tool is active, draw the lasso through the desired areas to select those inside the lasso into the territory.

After a lasso is drawn, Mapsly automatically switches to the "Hand" mode, so you can immediately adjust the borders of your territory by toggling areas one by one. If you'd like to use the lasso again, select the Lasso tool again.

4- At any time you may click the "... geographies selected" to see the list of selected areas and remove some of them, if necessary:

5- When you're done selecting areas, click Save in the geo-selector to finish creating your territory.

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