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[HubSpot] How to import Quote records into Mapsly
[HubSpot] How to import Quote records into Mapsly

Quote object requires the use of HubSpot API key to be imported and edited in Mapsly. Learn how to set it up.

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HubSpot Quote object can only be imported into Mapsly and modified from Mapsly using the HubSpot API key, so if you'd like to use the Quote object in Mapsly, on step #3 of the Mapsly sign-up wizard, when prompted to enter your API key, paste your HubSpot API key:

To locate your HubSpot API key while in the Mapsly sign-up wizard, open HubSpot in a separate browser tab and go to Settings -> Integration -> API Settings -> API Key:

If you haven't yet created an API key, create it here. Then click Copy and then paste it in Mapsly sign-up wizard.

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