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Save "cleansed" addresses and longitude/latitude back to your CRM records
Save "cleansed" addresses and longitude/latitude back to your CRM records

Mapsly can correct errors in the input address, adds missing parts (like zip code), and auto-save the "cleansed" address back to your CRM

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Even if your addresses contain typos and/or missing parts (like a missing zip code), in many cases Mapsly can still correctly determine the records' location (GPS coordinates) and plot them correctly on the map.

When Mapsly processes ("geocodes") an address, along with the resulting GPS coordinates it also receives and stores internally the actual ("true") address related to these coordinates ("reserve-geocoded") broken down to components β€” street, house number, city, county, state/province, zip code and country. And you export them can request Mapsly to automatically save geocoded coordinates or any of "true" address components back to your CRM by mapping the desired data onto the target CRM fields.

This way you can automatically correct errors in your addreses directly in the CRM, standardize addresses, fill in missing components (zip codes, counties) well as receive geocoded coordinates. To do this:

1- Go to Setup in the main menu:

2- Click the data source name:

3- Expand the object for which you'd like to re-import the "true" address or coordinates back to the CRM:

4- Click on the Crosshairs icon to open the configuration popup:

5- Scroll down to the True address and geocoded coordinates block:

6- Check the Save selected fields to CRM box and map the desired data onto the CRM fields to which you'd like to save it.

Note #1. You have the option to save the street name and the house number into one field or into two separate fields:

(A) To save them into one field: map House + street and select whether to put the house number first before or after the street name:

(B) To save them into separate fields: map House and Street.

Note #2. If you've mapped a field in territories management settings OR as object's pin address you will not be able to select that field in the auto-saving settings in order to not overwrite your existing data.

IMPORTANT! Your CRM data may be overwritten!

Selecting CRM fields in the True address and geocoded coordinates block will OVEWRITE THEIR EXISTING VALUES in the CRM, so make sure that the CRM fields you select here DO NOT CONTAIN DATA THAT YOU'D LIKE TO KEEP.

We recommend that you create new CRM fields β€” specifically to receive this data from Mapsly.

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