When Mapsly geocodes an input address from a record to determine its location (coordinates), it also receives the full and correct address from the geocoder with any errors in the input address corrected and any missing parts added. In Mapsly it's called a "true" address and is available along with the determined coordinates to be imported automatically back to the CRM upon geocoding.

You may use this feature to automatically "clean" your addresses and geocode them in your CRM. This will help you find duplicates in addresses or prevent errors in your mailing or shipping addresses.

To import the "true" address and/or the location back to the CRM, click the crosshairs button in the object settings in your CRM's Objects & field section and map the fields that you'd like to receive in the CRM.

When mapping fields, you may select whether you'd like the street [house] number to be included into the street address or to be saved as a separate field.

Apart from the address fields, you may choose to import the geocoding status of the record that will show you whether the record's location was determined with the "rooftop" precision or if it's an approximate location (which might be the case if the input address was incomplete).

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