To help you implement complex custom actions Mapsly allows embedding a popup iframe into a records map popup that opens when a user clicks on specially formatted field and loads a URL specified in this field, which may be unique per record. Using this approach, you can implement record-specific workflows or show complex data right on the map.

To implement it, create a custom field in your data source with the API name starting with mapslylink and fill it in records with value of the following format:

{"url": "link_address", "text": "link_text", "openMethod": "iframe", "width": 700, "height": 700}

This will instruct Mapsly to embed a link to a record's map popup and record view popup with the link text link_text which will bring up a 700x700 iFrame in a popup and will load the URL link_address into it.

Note, in case you are using Smartsheet you need to instead add mapslylink in column label (at the start of label).

In case you are using Freshworks CRM all your custom fields start with cf_ by default. So your API name will look like this: cf_mapslylink

Creatio has a unique form of API names - Codes. All codes must start with Usr. So your code should look like this: UsrMapslylink

To open this link in a new browser tab instead of popup (for example, in case your target URL does not work in an iFrame), simply use the following format:

{"url": "link_address", "text": "link_text"}

Example #1: link to a Zoho Creator form

A complex Zoho Creator check-in form for an account that a sales rep uses to enter information about the account local of visit (including photos) and that is already prefilled with the account data:

To implement it, create a custom field with an API name mapslylink_checkin and fill it with the following value:

{"url": "", "text": "Click here to check in", "openMethod": "iframe", "width": 700, "height": 700}

Example #2: a photo gallery

To implement it, create a custom field with an API name mapslylink_gallery and fill it with the following value:

{"url": "", "text": "View Gallery", "openMethod": "iframe", "width": 700, "height": 700}

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