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Edit your CRM data in Mapsly in real time
Edit your CRM data in Mapsly in real time

Mapsly allows you to edit your CRM records right on the map one-by-one, or mass-update them in the Table view

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This article applies to data sources that support updating data through their API or other means of integration.

Mapsly allows you to edit your CRM records right on the map one-by-one, as well as multiple records at once in the Table view. Any field can be updated in Mapsly provided that the data sources supports modification of this field through its API and that the user is permitted to modify it.

Editing a single record in its map popup

To edit your data on the map, just click the field you're like to edit in the map popup:

Mapsly supports editing fields of all data types that exist in your CRM, including single- and multi-select picklist, lookup fields (including changing a record's owner) and even multi-select lookup fields (for data sources that support them, like Zoho CRM).

Changes are immediately pushed to the the CRM.

Mass-updating records in Table view

Using Table view's group actions you can mass-update multiple records at once:

  • those you currently selected in the table:

  • or all the records currently in the table:

In the Group edit popup choose the fields you'd like to update and enter (select) their target values:

Editing lookup fields

For lookup fields Mapsly allows you to search target value by a substring:

Editing multi-select lookup fields

When editing multi-select lookup fields, Mapsly allows you to select lookup values that need to be added to the multi-select field for all the records or removed from it.

When adding values to a multi-select look up, Mapsly scans each record and for each record adds only the values that are not yet referenced by the lookup field; Mapsly will not be adding a duplicate value; and if in a particular record the multi-select lookup field already contains all the values being added, this record will be skipped.

Similarly, when removing values from a multi-select lookup field, Mapsly scans every record and removes only the values that are referenced by the field; if the multi-select lookup field in a particular record doesn't contain any of the values being removed, this record will be skipped.

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