For each object in Mapsly you can adjust its map visualization properties and table columns. All users can adjust their own map and table properties, while Mapsly administrators also have an opportunity to set the default values for these properties used by all new users until they re-adjust their own properties.

Map properties

To adjust an object's map properties, hover your mouse over the object name in the Layer's pane are adjusted by hovering your mouse over the object and click the Cog icon:

Here you may adjust the following properties:

  • map marker's icon, color, size and the font properties of its label;

  • which fields and in which order to show in the marker's label;

  • which fields to show in the marker's label when you're hovering your mouse over it;

  • which fields to show in the point's map popup window that appears when you click the map marker or its label.

Table view properties

To select fields to be shown in the Table view and re-order them, select an object and click the Cog icon above the table:

Selecting a newly added CRM field

When you add a field to an object in the CRM, for security and performance reasons it will not be immediately visible in the map and table properties. To make it visible there, click All fields button on top of the map/table properties window, select the newly added field in the object's settings and click save.

Learn more in this article.

Default map and table properties

All new user in Mapsly who have never adjusted their map or table properties, are using the default properties, which is indicated at the bottom of the properties window:

But once a user adjusts their map or table properties, a private copy of these properties (snapshot) is created for this user and from now on all adjustments will be private to this particular user and will not affect others; and the text above is replaced with a link to reset the settings to their default values:

If a user clicks this link, their private snapshot of these properties will be deleted and they will revert to using the default properties, until they adjust them again.

Mapsly administrators can edit the default properties by clicking the Default properties button on top of the map/table properties windows. Use this feature to prepare Mapsly for adding more users.

Also, administrators can reset another user's map and table settings by going to the Setup in the main menu and clicking Reset map & table settings in the user's context menu:

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