Dynamic map filters

Learn how to create and apply dynamic map filters and use it in combination with dynamic map layers and table filters

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Prerequisites: this feature requires Mapsly Pro plan.

What is a dynamic map filter?

A dynamic map filter is a formula defined using Mapsly's visual formula builder that can be applied to a map layer on the Layers pane to hide map points from the layer that don’t match the filters criteria.

How to create a map filter?

1- Hover your mouse over an object on the Layers pane and click its filter icon:

2- Click Manage filters:

3- Click Add filter:

4- Name your filter and build its formula:

Once saved, the new filter will appear in the list of filters under the filter icon (#2 above).

Sharing layer groups

By default all filters have "Private" sharing status, meaning they will be only visible for the author. If you want to learn more how to customise sharing settings please read the sharing settings article.

How to apply a view to the object or its dynamic layer?

To apply a view to the object:

1- Hover your mouse over an object and click its filter icon (see #1 above).

2- Select the filter to be applied:

3- When applied, the filter it will appear under the object's name:

If the object has dynamic layers, applying a filter to the object would effectively apply this filter to all its dynamic layers:

You may apply a filter selectively to a particular dynamic layer - this way the filter would affect only records in that layer, so its points would appear only if they match both the layer's and the filter's formulas.

How to remove remove a filter from the object or layer?

To remove the view from the object, click the filters's name under the object or its layer:

How to apply a filter to the Table view?

Select the Views/layers or Visible map mode in the Table view - in these two modes the table only shows records that belong to visible dynamic layers with the map applied filters taken into account thus syncing the table with the map.

How do views work in combination with Table view filter?

Both map filters and the Table view filter narrow down the set of points (CRM records) that are shown on the map by filtering out records that don't match their respective criteria. So when used together, on the map you'll see only points that match both your applied filters and the table filter.

To get the same result in the table (so it's fully synced with the map), you'll need to select the Views/layers or Visible map mode in the Table view because in the All mode applied views do not affect the dataset in the table.

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