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Why am I not seeing some CRM records on the map?
Why am I not seeing some CRM records on the map?

Learn what can be preventing Mapsly from showing your CRM records on the map and what to do next

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If you're not seeing some (or all) of your CRM records on the map, here's the list of typical reasons why this may be happening:

1. Insufficient permissions

If you're not a Mapsly account administrator, your user profile's permissions may be preventing you from seeing records that you don't own in your CRM: by default, when a new user is added to Mapsly, they are assigned the Standard user profile which by default hides records the user doesn't own. Learn more about Mapsly access control.

What to do:

Check your user profile by going to the main menu -> My user properties:

If your profile is not Administrator and you believe you should be able to view more records, ask your Mapsly account administrator to raise your profile permissions by adjusting your profile settings or assigning a different user profile with higher permissions. (Send this article about permissions in Mapsly to your administrator,)

2. Records may not have loaded and geocoded yet

If you've set up your Mapsly account just a few minutes ago, it will take some time for your records to be imported into Mapsly and geocoded before they can appear on the map. Normally, it takes ~1 minute per a thousand records to be imported and geocoded, so it you have tens of thousands of records, this may take a while.

What to do:

If you're a Mapsly account administrator, you may check if that's the case by going to the main menu -> Setup and looking at the records' dashboard:

If there are non-zero numbers in the Processing column and spinner(s) near the corresponding object names, Mapsly is still importing and geocoding your records - please wait until the Processing column has only zeros for all objects.

3. Some records have not loaded into Mapsly

If the Processing column shows zeros, check if the numbers in the table above match the number of records in your CRM. If the numbers in Mapsly are lower, this means not all records have been imported into Mapsly.

What to do:

Please contact our support team by clicking the chat button in the lower-right corner.

Note. Have you recently migrated your CRM data from an old CRM to the current one after you signed up for a Mapsly account? If so:

  • check if it is the migrated records that are not showing up in Mapsly;

  • if that's the case, check if these records' Modified date (time) precedes the time of migration;

  • if it's the case, Mapsly's loader is not picking up those records because they were not marked as modified since the last Mapsly import. Our support team will help you re-import your records from your new CRM.

4. Some of your records' addresses are missing or invalid

Use this article to troubleshoot missing or invalid addresses in your records.

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