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User management and Single Sign-On in Mapsly
User management and Single Sign-On in Mapsly

Learn how Mapsly admins can add and remove users as well as edit their properties; how it works with the Single Sign-On and without it

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To use Mapsly, a person needs to have a user account in Mapsly (which is separate from the user account they might have in the CRM).

A user can be added to a Mapsly account in two distinct ways depending on whether the Mapsly account is linked to a CRM organization with Single Sign-On and whether you'd like to add a user who's already registered in your CRM. (Learn more about how Single Sign-On works in Mapsly.)

Adding a Mapsly user linked to their CRM user account via SSO

If (1) your Mapsly account is linked to your CRM org and (2) you'd like to add your CRM user to Mapsly, simply ask the user to open the Mapsly tab in their CRM (for Zoho CRM or Salesforce) or sign into Mapsly with their CRM account (for HubSpot).

Such users will have a link icon here:

Note. If you have an active Mapsly subscription (your Mapsly account is not in Trial), make sure there's an unused user seat in the Mapsly account; if all seats are used, please purchase a seat first. (If your Mapsly account is in Trial and all user seats are used, Mapsly will add a seat automatically.)

Adding a Mapsly user who's not a CRM user

If your Mapsly account doesn't have an active SSO link to a CRM organization or if it does but you'd like to add a Mapsly user who's not a CRM user, click the + button in the Users section in your Account settings:

Such a user will not have a link icon shown on the screenshot above.

Removing a user from a Mapsly account

To remove a user:

1. Select Setup in the main menu

2. select Delete in the user's context menu

Note. Users are not automatically deleted from Mapsly when their user accounts are deleted from the CRM org linked with the SSO - users are always removed manually.

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