Mapsly account sign-up wizard

A detailed step-by-step guide that walks you through the Mapsly sign-up wizard with references to other relevant articles

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The Mapsly account sign-up wizard will help you set up your new Mapsly account to match your business needs. Please note: you should be CRM admin to complete the wizard.

If you have any questions or need help during sign-up process, click the chat button in the lower-right corner to chat with our engineer at any time.

Step #2. Provide account info

Fill in the basic information about your account.

No matter which Mapsly plan you choose, all Mapsly features will be unlocked during your 2-week trial period. After the trial, your plan will determine which Mapsly features will be available. Learn more about Mapsly plans and pricing.

Step #3. Select the Mapsly features you need

Please let us know your needs so that we can pre-configure your account. You can still use any feature during your trial period.

Step #4. Grant Mapsly access to your CRM data

When you click Proceed a popup window will open prompting you to authorize Mapsly's access to your CRM data. Learn more about how Mapsly stores your CRM data and how you can control who sees what in Mapsly.

Step #5. Choose objects (modules) to be imported to Mapsly

Choose which objects you'd like to see on the map. For each object you can indicate the following:

  • the field(s) that will constitute the object's name; and

  • the address field (alternatively or in addition to the address field, you may map GPS coordinates, if you already have them in the CRM).

Objects like Leads, Accounts/Organizations, and Contacts/Persons are pre-configured, so if you'd like to see only them on the map and you're ok with the fields pre-selected as their names and addresses in Mapsly, you may click Proceed.

If you'd like to see other objects on the map, please note that each must have either address field(s) or coordinate fields, so Mapsly can determine the location of their records. Learn more about:

If some of the objects you need in Mapsly do not yet have addresses at the time of signing up for a Mapsly account, don't worry - you'll be able to add them to Mapsly later at any time.

Step #6. Choose fields to import

Choose if Mapsly should import all fields for the selected objects or if you'd like to manually select the fields to be imported for each of the objects.

If you select to import all fields, after you click Proceed, data import will start immediately.

If you select that you'd like to manually pick fields to be imported, when you click Proceed, you'll be redirected to the Objects & fields settings where you'll be able to uncheck boxes for any fields and the import will start after you save your settings.

If you need to turn on/off a field later or if you later add a new CRM field and need to turn it on in Mapsly, you'll be able to do it in your CRM's Objects & fields settings in the Account settings at any time.

IMPORTANT! Please note that Mapsly does not automatically inherit your CRM's user roles, profiles, and access restrictions - you need to define who sees what in Mapsly separately.

What's next?

After the sign-up wizard is complete, importing data and geocode addresses normally takes some time (~2 minutes per 1,000 records).

As the geocoding progresses, new points will appear on the map automatically.

Once the import and geocoding are complete, you'll see an auto-hiding notification.

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