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How to pick field(s) to be used as object's address
How to pick field(s) to be used as object's address

Learn how Mapsly knows where the address field(s) are in your CRM objects and how to change these settings

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How Mapsly knows where an object's address information is?

For every CRM object Mapsly stores a references to its address field. This can be a single text field or a Mapsly virtual address field that maps multiple address fields (like street, city, state, zip, country) to the address components.

When Mapsly imports a new record, or update address information for an existing record, it determines the location ("geocodes" into coordinates) of the record based on its address.

About Mapsly virtual address field

For standard objects like Leads, Accounts and Contacts Mapsly has pre-configured virtual address fields that map corresponding address fields, for example Lead's Lead address field is a Mapsly virtual address field that maps Lead's fields related to the mailing address to the Lead address's components:

  • Lead's Street => Street in Lead address

  • Lead's City => City in Lead address

  • Lead's State => State/Province in Lead address

  • Lead's Zip code => Zip code in Lead address

  • Lead's Country => Country in Lead address

Pre-configured virtual address fields are pre-selected as the object's address field (this article will guide you to the screen shown below):

Note: virtual address fields will only be filled in from its components only when selected as object's pin address.

How to create a Mapsly virtual address field

For any CRM object other than a Lead, Contact or Account to be shown on the map, you'll need to tell Mapsly where to find its address.

If the address is stored in one field, simply select it in the Object's pin address dropdown list. Please note that this field MUST contain a country.

If the address is stored in multiple address components (similar to standard CRM objects), you'll need to create a virtual address field by clicking the Add address field icon here:

Then select a field for each of the address components (state and country are optional) in the Address field mapper:

If you don't map the country, Mapsly will assume that the address is in the Mapsly account's country.

Then, select the newly created address field in the Object's pin address dropdown:

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