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How to add a CRM object (module) to Mapsly
How to add a CRM object (module) to Mapsly

Learn how to activate a CRM object in Mapsly after you already signed up for a Mapsly account

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Mapsly keeps up-to-date information about the list of objects (modules) in your CRM and in order to make some of them available on the map, you just need to activate it in the setup by following these steps:

1- Go to Setup in the main menu:

2- Click your CRM's name or select Objects & fields in its context menu:

3- Find the object (module) you would like to activate, check its box, expand the object block and make sure the Name and Address fields are selected:

4- Press Save & Update Settings button.

Names and addresses in standard and custom objects

For standard objects like Leads, Accounts and Contacts, Mapsly that come with an address out-of-the-box Mapsly is already pre-configured to use the standard name and address fields.

For Zoho CRM's Deals and Salesforce's Opportunity objects the Name is pre-configured, but these objects don't have an address instead relying on their parent account's address, so you'll need to add an address fields there first as described here.

For custom objects, you'll need to manually select both the Name field(s) and the address field. Learn how to correctly set an object's address here.

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