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How Mapsly helps you manage territories in your CRM
How Mapsly helps you manage territories in your CRM

Why you should use Mapsly in tandem with your CRM as a valuable territory management tool.

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Zoho CRM, like most other CRM software, does not offer a means of defining territories by drawing a shape on the map, and this is exactly where Mapsly comes into play.

In Mapsly you draw regions (polygons) on the map and then use their names in Zoho CRM’s territory assignment rules, which are triggered automatically when Mapsly matches a record to these regions based on its address and saves the record’s region (or the list of regions, if you’re using overlapping regions) to the CRM’s record. Using its deep two-way API integration with Zoho CRM, Mapsly’s territory assignment process works seamlessly and entirely autonomously with Zoho CRM’s territory assignment rules.

Similar to Zoho CRM, in Mapsly territories can also be organized into a hierarchy. Territories’ regions may be overlapping and nested (parent’s regions may contain their child regions). For flexibility, Mapsly does not restrict relationship between parent and child map regions and treat them as non-related when assigning records to them: a record will be assigned to each territory that has its own map region within which the record’s address is, no matter its place in the territory hierarchy. A parent territory may or may not have its own map regions, in the latter case it may serve just for grouping purposes.

In Mapsly, assigned territories are also saved in each object’s Territories field, which can be used inside Mapsly in map views and layers and in the table filter to help geo-analysis.

Being entirely metadata-driven, Mapsly can assign records from any Zoho CRM module, including custom ones, to Mapsly territories and save them to the CRM to the field of your choice. This may help you implement territory management processes involving any CRM objects including leads or any custom objects.

To learn more about how to properly set-up and use this feature click here.

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