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1- In Zoho CRM: if you didn’t yet enable Territory management, enable it:

2- Add a territory (San Francisco) as shown on the screenshot:

3- Add a custom field (Like Assigned territory) to your Account module:

4- In the San Francisco territory edit the Account rule: Assigned territory IS San Francisco (this means an Account will be assigned to the San Francisco Zoho territory if its Assigned territory is San Francisco):

5- In Mapsly: follow this article to enable the newly added custom field.

6- Switch to Territories by clicking the right pane’s header and selecting Territories:

7- Open the Territory management settings by clicking the Cog icon, check Accounts, and select Assigned territory CRM field. (This tells Mapsly that you’d like to have your accounts to Assigned territories and save them to Assigned territory field back to the CRM’s account records.)

8- Create a territory by clicking Add territory and drawing your territory’s region. When done, click Save territories in the right pane:

Your territories have been set up. Now let’s test it:

Your territories have been set up. Now let’s test it:

1- In Zoho CRM: add a record with an address in San Francisco, for example, 75 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94111, and name it Doe’s Place.

2- In the Mapsly tab: click Refresh near Zoho CRM to force the refreshing (normally Mapsly pulls new and updated records from Zoho CRM every 30 minutes, our sample record would find its way into Mapsly, but it would take up to 30 minutes).

3- Pull up the Table view and enter Doe’s in the Account name column filter – Mapsly will show us the newly imported record. Check its Territories field and confirm it has been assigned the San Francisco Assigned territory:

4- Back in the CRM: open Doe’s Place and check its Territories and Assigned territory and confirm that both equal to San Francisco:

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