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[Zoho CRM] How to turn on the Single Sign-On
[Zoho CRM] How to turn on the Single Sign-On

If you installed the extension but didn't check the SAML Single Sign-On checkbox right away, this guide will explain how to do it

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To use Mapsly inside your Zoho CRM, you need the Single Sign-On activated for your Mapsly extension, as described in the installation guide. If you didn't do it right after installing the extension, here's how to do it later:

  • As a CRM admin, go to Setup in your Zoho CRM:

  • Click Marketplace: All:

  • Click Installed tab

  • Scroll down and find Mapsly extension, and click Config

  • Check the SAML Single Sign-On checkbox:

Now you can open the Mapsly tab and be you'll be automatically logged into Mapsly.

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