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[Zoho CRM] Why do I get an “API limit reached” notification?
[Zoho CRM] Why do I get an “API limit reached” notification?

Learn how Zoho CRM API limits work and how to resolve this issue

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Each call to a Zoho API, including those made by Mapsly, is counted towards your Zoho account’s API limit determined based on your Zoho plan and number of users, which can be increased by purchasing an add-on from Zoho.

When you receive a notification that your Zoho CRM API limit has been reached, here is what you can do:

  1. If your API limit is a little below what’s needed, try decreasing the frequency of importing of new and updated CRM data to Mapsly by adjusting the sync schedule. For example, you may want to sync once per 2 hours during night hours as opposed to once every 30 minutes, or stop syncing during the night at all.

  2. If you need a lot more API credits, consider switching to a higher Zoho plan if you have a small number of Zoho users, or purchasing more API credits in case of higher user count.

  3. If you're also using other services that are consuming your Zoho CRM API credits, consider limiting the frequency of their communication with your Zoho CRM as well.

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