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How to see which records have invalid or missing addresses
How to see which records have invalid or missing addresses

Use records' processing statuses to resolve issues in their location information

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When a new record is imported into Mapsly, or the location information changes for an existing record, Mapsly assigns one of the following processing statuses to the record:

  • Ok/exact: the record's location has been successfully determined by its address, which is confirmed to be full and correct.

  • Ok/approx: the record's address is either incomplete (for example, missing a house number), or ambiguity, so among the several possible locations Mapsly picked the one with the highest probability of being the correct one.

  • Ok/imported: Mapsly used the record's coordinates from the CRM, and the record's address was ignored. (Learn more about using coordinates from the CRM.)

  • No address: the record has doesn't have an address.

  • Invalid: the record has an invalid address.

In Mapsly's Setup you may see a summary showing how many records ended up in each of the processes statuses for each object (module):

Each of the numbers in the table is clickable and leads to the list of records in this processing status, from which you can open a record in your CRM in one click:

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