Currently, Mapsly is integrated only with Zoho CRM. However, using Deluge, it’s easy to make Mapsly work with data in any other Zoho apps including for example Creator and Inventory. All you need to do is sign up for a Zoho CRM account with one user (if you’re currently not using Zoho CRM) and mirror your data from those apps that you need in Mapsly in this Zoho CRM (for example, in CRM’s custom modules):

  • To mirror your data, you can use CRM’s standard modules like Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Activities, etc. or create custom modules and fields (depending on what data from your “master” app you’d like to see in Mapsly).

  • Then, you’ll need a few Deluge scripts to keep data in your CRM up-to-date (synced with your “master” app).

  • The initial import can be done by exporting yout data from your “master” app and importing it to the CRM.

  • With this approach, you’ll need to create your Mapsly users manually and they’ll be using their email and password to log into Mapsly (no need to have more than one CRM user).

Please contact our solution engineers - we’ll be happy to help you design your solution with Mapsly.

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