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How to move a point in Mapsly

How to change a record’s location right on the map in Mapsly

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You can change the location of a record on the map by adjusting its coordinates, which Mapsly keeps internally for every record.

A record’s address is not automatically changed when you adjust its coordinates. So to prevent the new location from being accidentally overwritten based on the records address, you need to have the coordinates fields (longitude and latitude) in the CRM object and they must be properly mapped in Mapsly (you don’t need to pre-fill them in the CRM, since Mapsly needs them only to store the new location that will be overriding the record's address).

Once the coordinate fields of an object (module) are properly mapped, you may move a record by adjusting its coordinates, which you can do in two ways.

Using 'Copy location' and 'Move' functions

  • Right-click any point on the map and select Copy location:

  • Then click the point on the map that you'd like to move and its map popup click Move, which will paste the copied location to the record's coordinates, move the marker and save the new coordinates to the CRM:

Manually edit the coordinates

Manually enter new longitude and latitude in the record's map popup and click Save changes:

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