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How to see a newly added CRM field in Mapsly
How to see a newly added CRM field in Mapsly

Learn how to activate in Mapsly the new field that you just added in your CRM

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When you add a new custom CRM field to your CRM object (module), for security purposes these fields are not automatically visible in Mapsly by default and need to be explicitly activated in the object’s field settings.

1- Go to the object's field settings by following either of the two paths:

Path #1- From the object's map properties:

  • Under the Mapsly admin user, expand the Layer’s pane, hover your mouse over the object and click the Cog icon that will appear:

  • then click All fields on top of the popup:

Path #2- From your Mapsly org Setup:

  • Under the Mapsly admin user, click your avatar at the top-right > Setup in the main menu:

  • Go to Objects & fields in your data source's context menu:

  • Expand your object's settings by clicking on the object's name:

2- Check the boxes for the newly added field(s):

3- Save the updated settings by clicking Save & Update Settings button:

To return to the map, click the Back to map > button in the upper-right corner:

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