Use Mapsly formula builder to define criteria for a view or a layer. Only records that match these criteria become be shown within this view or layer.

The formula may contain one or multiple logical expressions connected with a logical AND or OR operator. Expressions can be nested.

An expression consists of two operands and a logical operator:

  1. the left operand is always a record field;

  2. the right operand may be one of the following:
    (a) a constant value (like 20, Vendor or a list of picklist values),
    (b) another field of the same record;
    (c) type-specific dynamic value (like Now, Today, Start of current month);
    (d) or the current Mapsly user's property: name, email, CRM user record id);

  3. the list of operators depends on the type of the left operand.

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