This article describes steps you'll need to take to see a Deal/Opportunity object in Mapsly and is relevant to Zoho CRM's Deals modules and Salesforce's Opportunity object, which don't have an address inside the object but instead rely on their parent account's address.

You need the address in Deal/Opportunity itself

For performance, Mapsly only uses locations stored inside records themselves and cannot use an address or coordinates of a related record instead (like the address of a deal’s parent account).

So to see Deals/Opportunities on the map, you need to add address fields to the Deal/Opportunity object (module) itself and create a simple workflow in the CRM to fill in the address (or coordinates) of a new Deal/Opportunity based on those of the parent Account.

Map address component fields into one Mapsly address field

Then, create a virtual address field in Mapsly as described here - to map address components to one address and select this new address field as the object's Address in Mapsly:

A CRM script that keeps your Deal/Opportunity address synced with their parent's address

If an account's address changes, the addresses stored in their Deals/Opportunities will become outdated. To keep them in sync with their account's address, you may also want to create a CRM script (Deluge in Zoho CRM, or Apex in Salesforce) triggered when an account record changes that will update all the related Deals/Opportunities by copying the new address from the account.

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